Girls & Aliens

by The Barkers

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released July 13, 2014



all rights reserved


The Barkers Kovrov, Russia

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Track Name: My Girlfriend Hates My Band
My girlfriend hates my band, (x2)

And I don't know how to survive, cause all she needs is crash my fuckin band.
Track Name: On The Loft
My loft is full of monsters, I'm afraid to climb upstairs,

I really need to get there, but I don't know any other ways.

How do I cope with them, if I'm not superman?

And I don't even have a spare, effective plan. Oh, No!
Track Name: Day By Day
I hate the stupid people, they drives me out of control.

They call me boring, wicked, but I'm just on my own.

I don't care about these stupid assholes throwing stones at my feet,

I don't explain anything, just doing what I need.
Track Name: Baby, Please!
Please, please, baby, please, show me your big tits!
Track Name: Yuri Gagarin
When Yuri Gagarin was launched to space.

He chose for the flight the dangerous place.

And his starship was attacked,

But he was saved by men in black.

These men told him the aliens' plans -

They wanted to eat all the human brains.

And Yuri forgot about his flight,

He wanted their blood, he wanted to fight! Go!